pho·tog·ra·phy (fə-tŏg’rə-fē) n. Abbr. photog. 1. The art or process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces.  2. The art, practice, or occupation of taking and printing photographs.  3. A body of photographs. 

- American Heritage Dictionary


We all want to be able to take photos like those wonderful samples we see on the internet all the time.  Many of us simply relegate this to the fact that those photographers are professionals and know what they are doing.  As such, we do not believe we are capable of producing such fine images.

Well, I am a professional photographer; I derive 100% of my income (albeit, it is a very small income) from my photography business.  However, I was not always a professional.  I had been photographing as a hobbyist for decades before venturing into entrepreneurship.  I, too, was once a novice, and remember the troubles I had getting a decent photograph.

With the advent of today’s digital cameras combined with computer technology, great photography is easier than ever.  My roots started with film and a completely manual camera: no autofocus, spot metering only, no auto aperture, no shutter priority, no program mode, and no dummy (scene) modes.  Film was expensive, developing was expensive, and as a result, mistakes were costly in every respect (see my background page for more about me).  With today's technology in digital cameras, much of the guesswork, careful detailing of camera settings, waiting, hours over a lightbox, trial, error, and costs - has been largely negated.

These lessons will encompass everything from the art of photography to the technical aspects of cameras.  It will describe techniques applicable from the $5K professional DSLR, to the $99 Wal-Mart special.  I have geared this to the novice and will present information in an easy to follow, logical, yet comprehensive format.  It is my hope that you find these lessons helpful and informative.

These lessons are interactive.  Simply roll the mouse cursor over an image and additional information will appear as an overlay.  Clicking on images will open larger sized versions for detailed viewing.

Although the emphasis is on reef photography, these techniques can also be applied to everyday photography and will be of benefit for photographers of all types.  Upcoming topics will cover studio, product, landscape, and photography of children.  In fact, photographing children is my area of expertise.  The reward of capturing the innocence of childhood is priceless in every respect.

Should any question arise, I have created a FAQ Page and a Glossary Page listing common questions I have received and clarifying some of the acronyms used in digital photography.  Additionally, in the appendix, there are two pages of links.  The first one lists photography resources and software on the internet.  The second page of links lists manufacturers of tried and true quality equipment.

If you find that your question is not answered there, or if you have any comments, corrections, critiques, advice, suggestions, or simply want to say "Hi," there are a number of ways you can get in touch with me listed in my Contact Page.  If you find these lessons helpful, I would be honored if you could take the time to sign my Guestbook.

With the few basic techniques presented in these lessons, you will find it easy to produce awesome images, and be able to take photos like the pros!