Uploading to the RC Gallery

Step 1:  Select "Photo Gallery"
We have now successfully resized our image so it is able to squeeze into the reefcentral.com gallery.  But to display it there, we must first put it there.  This process is called uploading - the file moves from your computer up to the reefcentral.com server.

First we start up our web browser and go to reefcentral.com.  We are greeted by Reef Central's Home Page.  From the Home Page, select "Photo Gallery."  This will take us to Reef Central's galleries.

Step 2:  Select "Upload Photos"
Our personal gallery page will appear.  From the Gallery Page, click on the "Upload Photos."

Step 3:  Select "Browse"
The upload page will appear.  From here, click on the "Browse" button.  A dialogue box will appear allowing us to find our file.  Alternatively, we can simply type in the file location on your computer.

From this page we can select which reefcentral.com gallery we wish the picture to appear in.  We may also enter a title and description.  Additionally we can enter key words used by search engines to help other users find our picture.

The last two options configure reefcentral.com gallery features for your particular photograph.  By selecting "yes" to the calendar option, users will be able to use our image when printing a calendar.

Users browsing the galleries may comment and rate photographs.  The last option configures whether or not we will receive an email notification when a comment is made on our photograph - this is useful if we do not frequent our galleries on a regular basis.

Step 4:  Upload
When we are done filling in the form, click "Upload/Submit" to start the upload process.  Since the file is highly compressed, this process should not take long, even for dial-up users.
Confirmation Once the process is complete, a confirmation screen will appear notifying us the process was successful.  We do not need to take any action on this screen, as we will automatically be redirected to our personal gallery after a short delay.  If nothing happens or we do not want to wait, we can click on the link below the confirmation text.
Done! There you have it.  Our photo is now prominently displayed in our personal gallery!