Digital Camera Reviews

Digital Photography Review

Very detailed analytical analysis of cameras and side-by-side image comparisons.  Great resource if you're in the market for a digital camera and know what you want.  Site run by Phil Askey.  I frequent the Nikon D1 and the D70 forums on this site as 'gho.'
  Digital Camera Resource Page Jeff Keller Provides an in-depth review with detailed image analysis of many digital cameras on the market.  Not as technical as, but, useful nonetheless.
  Imaging Resource Dave Etchells does many detailed camera reviews.  Also provides detailed analysis of image quality and goes into operational controls.
  Steve's DigiCams Steve reviews just about every camera that hits the market.  If the other sites don't have any information on a particular camera you're interested in, Steve's probably reviewed it.  Not as in-depth as the other sites, but enough to get a good feel for the camera and its performance.
Imaging Tools
IrfanView Image Processing - Free!  A great image processing utility coded by Irfan Skiljan - powerful, simple and fast.  Its freeware, but if you find it useful, a small donation of 10 Euro will help support the author in his efforts.
  Neat Image Noise Reduction - Although noise reduction software tends to be pokey, this one is quite fast, does a great job in auto mode, is highly flexible and can be used as a Photoshop plug-in.
  Thumbs+ Image Browser - a product of Cerious Software, this image browser is also highly customizable, fast and powerful.  It catalogs images in a single SQL database for easy maintenance.
  PhotoRescue Data Recovery - Allows you to recover images accidentally deleted from all types of camera storage cards.  Works on accidentally formatted cards as well.  Just make sure new data is not written to the card.  The trial version allows you to view potentially recovered items.
  Downloader Pro Image Downloader - A product of Breeze Systems.  This utility downloads image data from cards and stores them in designated directories.  Image from different cameras are automatically recognized and can be stored by camera.  Also allows for the addition of IPTC info.  This helps make the entire download process automated, as it can be configured to startup when a card is inserted, download all the images, delete them from the card and launch an image browser.
  Adobe Photoshop Image Processing - The all mighty powerful, and defacto standard of photographers.  Photoshop allows you to manipulate images in just about any way imaginable.  Photoshop Elements is a scaled down version available at a fraction of the cost, and comes as prepackaged software with some imaging products.
  Phase One C1 RAW Processing - handles many types of RAW files, and allows for image manipulation similar to Nikon Capture used in these lessons.
  Nikon Capture RAW Processing - The software used in the workflow section of these lessons.  Works only on Nikon NEF files.
Web Tutorials
  Luminous Landscapes Landscape photographer Michael Reichmann has put together numerous well written and clear tutorials in almost every aspect of digital photography that makes this site somewhat moot.
  Bjørn Rørslett Nature photographer Nærfoto Bjørn Rørslett reviews some equipment on his site and has several articles on UV and IR photography
  Norman Koren Photographer Norman Koren has also written numerous tutorials on photography from cameras to image processing.  A very talented photographer that I aspire to.
  Moose Peterson As a wildlife photographer, Moose has written many books on tips and techniques used to acquire magnificent shots in the great outdoors.
Photography Resources
  Copper Hill Images Sensor cleaning - a very well written, detailed explanation written by Nicholas R.  It is filled with images and text to describe each step, the tools required and how to obtain them.  He also answers many of the questions and issues raised by first-time cleaners.
  Rob Galbraith Photographer Rob Galbraith provides detailed speed comparisons on various types of digital storage mediums in his CF Database.  His forums are also quite popular.
  photoSIG A good site for getting photos critiqued, both technically and artistically.  There are two types of accounts, a paid one, where you need not critique other's work, and a free one, where in order to be eligible for a critique, you must first critique others.  A great resource to pick up compositional tips from your viewing audience.
Online Retailers
  B&H Photo Video The archetypical camera store.  Not only is the retail store huge, but the online store is extensive, up-to-date and price competitive.  They carry just about anything photography related.  This source is often quoted when pricing questions arise.
  Adorama A great online store with prompt service and a diverse inventory.
  Focus Camera Great prices, wide selection and easily tracked shipments help make this site a good retailer.
  Samy's Camera An Los Angeles based store, they offer a great selection at decent prices
  Canoga Camera Customer Service!  This store sends you a special care package along with your purchase (a baggie of candies).  Located, of course, in Canoga Park, California.
  Robert's Imaging Although the website is not up to par with the store itself, I've made many major camera purchases through them.  This Indianapolis, Indiana store has a knowledgeable staff, and friendly advice making this a good place to call if you're unsure of your needs.
  Norman Camera Located in Kalamzoo(!), Michigan, this store has friendly, courteous and personal service.  Although much of their inventory is not listed on their website, buying from this store is truly a pleasure.  Be sure to give them a call.
Image Hosting
  Flickr Ultra-popular community photo-sharing site.  Lots of applications can even directly upload photos to your account.
PBase A very popular image storage site where many users are able to peruse your galleries and offer feedback and comments.  Also has a camera database useful for searching for sample images from a particular camera.  Paid accounts allow for direct linking at $23 for 200mb, $60 for 600mb.  Trial accounts are free limited time accounts where direct linking is disabled.
  smugmug Another popular image hosting site that allows for direct linking and offers a variety of hosting options.  They have a cute logo to boot.
Online Developing
  Kodak A Kodak company with Kodak quality prints from digital images uploaded through the internet.  Using digital technology and traditional chemical printing processes, photographs are of the high quality and lightfastness as traditional prints.
  MPix Professional lab quality results printed on Kodak E-Surface, Endura Metallic and Ilford true B&W papers.  They also have a variety of photo gifts that you can order.
  Shutterfly Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper with Fuji Chemicals, you get that famous Fuji quality from your digital images at a great price.
Reef Photography
  Photos by Ximina My three-year-old daughter, Ximina, is an avid photographer, that has been into photography since the age of one.  She photographs everything from the sunset to her favorite objects.  Her gallery gives a unique view of our world through the eyes of uninhibited innocence.
  Melev's Reef Marc Levenson has written a number of articles from reefing to photography.  A great resource for getting started in reef aquariums.  Marc's site was key to getting me started in reefing and the use of a sump on my nano tank.
  Reef Central The site for reefing.  The discussion forums are densely populated with experienced and knowledgeable members.  Great place to go for advice and questions from unidentified creatures to tank crashes.  I frequent the photography forum on this site as 'gho.'  To view the forums click here.