Cameras (35mm)


A gigantic electronics conglomerate, leading the market in just about everything they produce.
Contax Part of Kyocera, this company makes digicams, dSLRs and medium format cameras.  In addition to meticulous attention to details, these cameras use Carl Zeiss T* Lenses.  Zeiss lenses are among the best in the world.
FujiFilm In addition to Fuji's FinePix digicam series, they also produce the FinePix S2/S3 Pro series.  All of which incorporates their unique honeycomb sensor technology.  Through interpolation, these cameras double the resolution of the image read off the sensor.  FinePix cameras tend to have slightly more detail than other cameras of similar native resolution.  Yet, their interpolated images have less detail than competing non-interpolated images.  FujiFilm DSLRs are also renown for their high-ISO, low-noise capabilities.  FinePix DSLRs accept Nikon F-mount lenses.
Kodak A market leader in film, offers the only 3rd party alternative for Canon lenses.  It also offers the only full frame solution for F-mount lenses.  At 14mp, the DCS Pro SLR/n/c contends directly with medium format cameras.
Konica Minolta The Maxxum 7D uniquely incorporates an anti-shake mechanism on the sensor itself.  Where other manufacturers include this feature in lenses, the Minolta Maxxum 7D's anti-shake is usable with any mountable lense at any focal length.
Leica Digilux - where the camera is art producing art.
Nikon A division of Mitsubishi, specializing in optics.


The E-series DSLRs incorporate a unique Supersonic Wave Filter to help with dust issues on the CCD.
Pentax Markets the *ist DS - a small, lightweight DSLR.
  Sigma A third party lense manufacturer also produces the SD9/SD10 DSLRs that incorporate the unique Foevon X3 sensor.  This sensor does not have a Bayer pattern over it.  Rather, each pixel location is able to interpret all three primary colors.  Images do not have to be interpolated to create the final image.  As such, image color fidelity is unsurpassed, and details sharp and artifact free.  These images can be enlarged to seemingly impossible sizes without any loss of detail.
Sony Although Sony does not make DSLRs, they produce the imaging sensor used in many of the top manufacturers such as Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, and others.
Cameras (120mm)
Bronica Affordable medium format cameras.
  Hasselblad The Rolls Royce of medium format cameras.  The H1D is their flagship model with an incorporated 22mp digital back
  Leaf Makers of medium format digital backs up to 22mp.
  Mamiya A leading manufacturer of medium format cameras, well known for their 646 and RZ67 series.
  Acratech Manufactures "The Ultimate Ballhead" - a unique open ball head.
  Arca-Swiss Top notch ball heads, no website available.
  Bogen/Manfrotto Sturdy, well machined tripods, heads and lightstands.
  Kirk Enterprises Produces L-brackets, ball heads, and tripod mounting collars.
  Gitzo The gold standard of tripods.
  Markins A Korean manufacturer of high quality ball heads at half the price of competing sources.
  Wimberly Makers of gimbal-type tripod heads.  Useful in tracking fast moving objects such as birds and sports cars.
  AlienBees Studio lighting at an affordable price.
  Digi-Slave Flash units and slave triggers that work with digital cameras that pre-flash.
  Metz Top notch flash guns.
  Novatron Studio lighting
  Quantum Strobes and battery packs.
  Sunpak Producers of well built, powerful strobes.
Camera Brackets
  Custom Brackets Smooth precision engineered brackets.  I use the QRS-35H
  Really Right Stuff Offers unique camera brackets.
  Stroboframe Affordable brackets.  I have the CameraFlip, a lightweight versatile unit, ideal for digicams with off-camera flashes.
Color Correction
  ColorVision Spyder Color Calibration of monitors.  OptiCal Pro is a more sophisticated model that is also offered by them.
  Expodisc White balancing filter that mounts on the lense to measure the color temperature of the light source.  Eliminates the need to carry around a gray card.
  GretagMacbeth The standard in color calibration charts.
  Pringles A poorman's Expodisc.
  Schneider Optics (B+W) A top notch German filter company.
Cokin Produces filters that change the light characteristics recorded by the camera.  Many different and interesting filters are available from them.
Hoya A high quality Japanese filter company.
  Tiffen Makers quality filters.  Also produces lense modifiers for use with most digicams.
Compact Flash
  Lexar Employs the use of proprietary Write Acceleration technology to increase data throughput.
SanDisk The absolute fastest and most reliable cards on the market today.